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There are many educational games out there on the net. 
One of them is a vocabulary game.
It is called trolly dash.
another games is called

Unfortunately we cannot hope to link to all the great games out on the Net. So we don't. Google and The Open Directory Project are rather better at that.

I see the name of the page you contributed to may have been confusing. It was just Eltgames. So I have moved it to for clarity.

Welcome to meet the rest of us Teflpedians in the Teachers' room. Cheers and Welcome! --Roger 19:15, 4 November 2012 (CST)

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Hi N, again! You and Ashwag have collaborated on writing the Wiki#ELT_Wikis section (and now I helped, too). Most excellent--the wiki way! I imagine you are both in a teacher training course somewhere exotic (somewhere different from where I am). It would be wonderful to read a little about you both on your userpages. To create your userpage, just click the User-icon.png"N.alqasim" link at page top, and there write a little about where you are (which I'm sure is very exotic), and your interest in English language teaching. Just remember to keep what you write professional because the Internet is a very public place and keeps secrets very badly, as can can imagine. Thanks for contributing to Teflpedia! --Roger 12:36, 6 November 2012 (CST)