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A clash ocurs wen the old speling of a word is ïdenticl to the new speling of a word with a difrnt pronunciätion.

There ar thrë wäs of solving this problm: wë can accept clashes, wë can üs thë öld speling or wë can üse a hÿphn. For past tense wë can üs "d" instead of "ed" (forth alternativ).

Old word A New word A
Old word B
Word A with hÿphn New word B "d" instead of "ed"
chilled child chil-d chïld chilld
comma coma com-a cöma
filling filing fil-ing fïling
grinned grind grin-d grïnd grinnd
hatted hated hat-ed häted
holly holy hol-y höly
hopping hoping hop-ing höping
licking liking lik-ing lïking
marry mary, Mary N/A Märy
planning planing plan-ing pläning
ridding riding rid-ing rïding
stocking stoking stok-ing stöking
tapping taping tap-ing täping
willed wild wil-d wïld willd
winning wining win-ing wïning

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