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de-commie-ing my name (Rob will be so proud)

More notes on Schafly/Obama[edit]

From this, it's very likely that Andy and Obama spoke, and not just a passing, "Hello" either. "Presiding over an assembly of 60 mostly white editors in a law school classroom, Obama listened to impassioned pleas and pressed conservatives to explain their reasoning and liberals to sharpen their thinking. But he never spoke about his own point of view or mentioned that he believed he had benefit ed from affirmative action." This followed an action by students to abolish affirmative action... any bets Andy was involved in that?

Also 19 candidates for pres out of 61. Chances are pretty good Andy ran against Obama. There was also a link (which I can't find now - typical) that referred to a change in the process of getting onto the HLR. It used to be based on marks, but then students could be elected on to it. If Andy qualified SCL, and Obama was elected and then beat Andy for Pres... we can see where the whole 'affirmative action' thing came from... and we know Andy can bear a grudge.

Letter to Boston Globe[edit]

I am currently doing some research on Andrew Schlafly, the founder of the "conservative encyclopaedia", Conservapedia.

I know he was a member of the HRL in 1990, together with Pres. Obama, as can be seen from this picture (Schlafly is 2nd from left, peering over the member's shoulder)

In addition, it appears as if Conservapedia has given up any pretence at being encyclopaedic and has instead become increasingly anti-Obama, as can be seen from the main page (, as well as their article on Pres Obama ( In fact, the way they are attacking him, I feel it goes way beyond party politics and I'm wondering if Schlafly bears a personal grudge against Obama. Between Schlafly and his mother, there's already been the "affirmative action" claim, which I assume has to do with the change in policy in electing members to the HLR. I'm wondering if there's any way to find out who the other 18 candidates were who stood for election as HLR president in 1990. I haven't been able to find any on-line references.

Could you possibly let me know if Schlafly did indeed run against Obama in 1990? Yours sincerely