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Future home of some feedback for Bob about the site.

For purposes of this sampling of information, the following should be known:

  • This is a sampling of information gathered from 3 ESL teachers whom I am acquainted with, hereby known as "Matthew", "David", and "Kathy."
  • They are named for purposes of attributing feedback, as the gathered feedback occurred during a discussion and the information gathered for this site is from my notes.
  • This research is being conducted over a period of 6 months. At the end of the period (May, 2010), we will then form a focus group and pointed questions for feedback will be asked.
    • Feel free to post any questions for feedback that you would like asked of them once this period is up.

The Q & A[edit]

  • For the period you used Teflpedia, did you find it as a helpful ESL resource?
  • For the period I asked you to use Teflpedia, what about the website did you find most helpful?
  • For the period you used Teflpedia, what parts did you find least helpful and/or useless or pointless?
  • What about Teflpedia do you find easy to use? Conversely, what about Teflpedia do you find difficult to use?
  • During the period that you were asked to use Teflpedia, did you make any contributions to the website's content? Why or why not?
  • What could the website as a whole do to improve itself as a resource, especially to make itself a more valuable resource for English-as-a-Second Language resource?