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Uncountable singular

From Teflpedia

An uncountable singular is an uncountable noun that’s singular; that is, a noun lexeme that lacks a plural form (i.e. it is defective), and can therefore only be used as a mass noun. They cannot be pluralised.

Examples in English include words like furniture and information. We can’t say *furnitures or *informations.[1]

Note that some words commonly used as mass nouns, may be countable in particular circumstances, and are not therefore uncountable lemmata. Words like cake (plural cakes) or oxygen (plural oxygens) may.

This should also not be confused with uninflected plurals, which are plural.

Contrast uncountable plural, countable noun.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Actually both are marginally attested, but not in common usage.