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The letter combination "ua" has several different pronunciations. Normally each vowel is pronounced independently in a separate syllable. See Decoding the letter U and Decoding the letter A.

"ua" in the same syllable[edit | edit source]

"u" as /w/

  • "a" as /ɒ/: quality, qualify, quantity
  • "a" as /ɔː/: quarter
  • "a" as /eɪ/: equation
  • "a" as /ɪ/: language
  • "a" as /ə/: equal
  • "a" with magic "e" as /eɪ/: persuade
  • "a" with magic "e" as /eə/: square
  • "a" with magic "e" as /ə/: adequate

Silent "u"

  • "a" as /ɑː/: guard
  • "a" as /æ/: guarantee