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Time (/taɪm/) is the indefinite continued progress of existence and events that occur in an apparently irreversible succession from past time, through present time, to future time[1]

Also, Telling the time, time management.

The English wh- word for time is "when".

In English the word "time" collocates quite strongly with "take", and a lesser degree "spend" and "make". We can ask of an activity "How long does it take?" with dummy it. We also "take/spend time doing something", and "make time to do something".

Note: When used in the countable sense, as an adverbial phrase, we tend to say "once" rather than "one time", "twice" rather than "two times", and may say "thrice" instead of "three times". There are no words for integral numbers of times larger than three, so we say "four times", "five times", "six times", etc.

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