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The Guardian

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The Guardian is a centre left British broadsheet newspaper.

The Guardian was traditionally published in broadsheet - though it is now printed in compact/Berliner format. Its readership is generally well-educated and intellectual, and as a centre left publication, its readership tends to be working class or lower middle class.[1] Many teachers naturally fit into this demographic. Americans may note that centre-ground of British politics tends to be to broadly the left of centre-ground in US politics.

From November 2010 to April 2013 it had a section called TEFL Update with free class materials.[2][3]

They also let you search all the TEFL news,[4] and a section where you can contact teachers around the world by email to ask for advice.[5]

In terms of The Guardian's contributions to English, it has a reputation for typos - hence its nickname of The Grauniad.[6]

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