The English Verb

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The English Verb is a 1986 book by Michael Lewis.

In it he makes the points that:

  • The English verb system is much more regular than many teachers and students often believe.
  • Many currently accepted rules are confusing and not helpful.
  • There is a gulf between current classroom practice and accepted grammatical theory.

The book presents an integrated exploration of the use of the verb in English which is informed by current linguistic thinking and which challenges many of the ways in which grammar is traditionally taught in the classroom.

At 180 pages the book is comparatively short and very readable, and any English language teachers who feel they need to clarify their thoughts on the use of grammar would be well advised to read it.

Lewis introduces new terminology that is somewhat different from traditional terminology - Lewisian grammar terminology. So now teachers and students have to learn two sets of terms for the same thing.

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