The Economist

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The Economist is a British newspaper in magazine format.

Of particular interest to teachers, perhaps, is the regular Johnson column on language.[1]

It has number of podcasts which may be downloaded.[2] Some of these podcasts have associated text elements in the free on-line edition, although finding the associated elements is not always easy.

These podcasts include:

  • Special reports[3]
  • KAl's cartoons[4]
  • The text of "From the Audio edition" can usually be obtained by putting the article name in the search box.
  • From the paper. The text can often be found on the frontpage or from a link there.[5] The text is sometimes identical to the audio and other times has numerous differences. Podcasts typically last around 10 minutes.

Others, such as Certain ideas of Europe, have no associated text.

Paying subscribers may listen to the entire content of the newspaper on MP3.[6]

Please be aware of the appropriate copyright restrictions before using material in class. The Economist's own terms and conditions may be found here.