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oops, it works like this: {{sticky|message here}}



{{sticky|type your note here}}

on a page to temporarily note how something could be improved. Of course if you have time to improve it right then and there, do so instead of putting a sticky on the page (that is the wiki way). But if you see how something could be improved but don't have time to do the improvement right then, a sticky used to list the item on in [category:love me] where you and others could find it later! Also, stickies are fun and who knows what a teacher might do with a pad of them! :-) Roger 00:29, 13 February 2012 (CST)

Please remove the {{sticky|...}} when you attend to the matter addressed in it so that it is completed.

Note: Some Teflpedia editors use the "sticky" as a more permanent way of drawing attention to the community-at-large of interesting articles and/or ongoing debates and who therefore consider it should not be removed...