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Creates an in-line box around text like this


The background colour (parameter bg) defaults to white but can be altered using bg=#00F (blue) for instance.

The text colour (parameter col) defaults to black, use col=#F00 (red) for example.

The corner radius defaults to 3 (on most decent browsers) but can be amended using any value for parameter "r": r=0 or r=10 or any number desired.


boxy box
{{Boxword|boxy box}}
boxy box
{{Boxword|boxy box|bg=#ddd|col=#000}}
boxy box
{{Boxword|boxy box|bg=#f1f7fa|col=#03a}}
boxy box
{{Boxword|r=0|boxy box|col=#03a}}
boxy box
{{Boxword|'''boxy''' ''box''|r=10|bg=Red|col=white}}


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