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Telephone number

From Teflpedia

A telephone number (/ˈteləfəʊn ˈnʌmbə(r)/) or phone number (/ˈfəʊn ˈnʌmbə(r)/) is a number that is used to call a specific telephone.

Nowadays, most people have a phone number.

It’s customary to read out each digit separately, but note:

  • 0 is commonly said as "oh" /əʊ/ due to its resemblance to the letter O, rather than "zero".
  • double digits (fairly common) are often expressed as 11 = “double one", 22 = “double two", etc.
  • triple digits (fairly rare) are often expressed, e.g. as 111 = "triple 1" or "treble one", 222 = "triple 2"/"treble 2", etc.
  • quadruple digits however tend to be expressed as 1111 = “double one, double one",

There may be a country code as well, with a following 0 in brackets.

Accurately recording phone numbers is an important skill, particularly in some roles, e.g. receptionist. The person receiving the number should repeat the number back to check understanding.