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A wikinode is a standard page that shows how a wiki relates to other wiki projects and communities on the internet.

Ideally, it should link to the wikinodes of other relevant wikis if they have them. If they do not have wikinodes then it should link to the wiki's mainpage. The links should only be to wikis which have some relevance to the site.

This page is Teflpedia's wikinode. We are interested in everything associated with teaching English as a foreign language or second language. Our objective is to become a user-generated resource for English teachers internationally. We opened our doors on 27th May 2008 and we've been slowly growing ever since.

We welcome input from all those involved in or interested in the subject of English and English language teaching.

Please be aware of our Community Standards. If you are very new to wikis we recommend that you read our Newcomer's guide which gives a lot of advice about wiki-editing.


Wikis without wikinodes[edit]