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Somewhat inspired by Wikipedia' list of unusual articles:

Title Teaser
'The Chaos' Irregular spelling - poetically.
Colorless green ideas sleep furiously It parses, but...
Contranym A word that is its own antonym.
Do you understand? Not, generally speaking, a good question.
English As She Is Spoke A 19th century phrase book for English learners produced by a non-Anglophone Portuguese by using a French-English dictionary and a Portuguese-French phrase book. What could possibly go wrong?
Ghoti A creative way to write /fɪʃ/
Nicholas Joly A 19th century French teacher so bad at then-orthodox teaching methods he was actually a good teacher.
Mind Your Language A sitcom based around an English language class.
Napoleon Emperor of France - "rather better at military strategy than learning English".
Le Petit Prince A book translated into a ridiculous number of languages.
uʍop ǝpᴉsdn ʇxǝʇ ƃuᴉpɐǝᴚ llᴉʞs sᴉɥʇ pǝǝu ʎlǝʇᴉuᴉɟǝp noʎ 'ɹǝɥɔɐǝʇ ɐ s∀

That's only 9. hmm...