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How can I explore Teflpedia?[edit]


  • Type a topic into the Search box at top—if an article doesn't exist yet on your topic you can create one from there, too
  • See the Contents tree
  • See All articles
  • Random page in the left sidebar

Namespaces keep the encyclopaedia content separate from the opinion content.

Main namespace has articles on all aspects of teaching English including: language learning activities, definitions, methodology, grammar, phonetics, TEFL qualifications, teaching in different countries, reviews etc. (see Contents).

Lesson namespace has specific lessons. You're welcome to print these and use them in class. You may later come back to edit these or create variations or entire new lessons based on your classroom experience.

Essay namespace is for you to write up your personal experiences, personal thoughts about teaching, advice to new teachers or simply moan about something. Articles in Essay namespace are for sole authorship—each essay is edited only by the user who created it. However, other users are welcome to comment about an essay on its talk page, or to create their own essays on another page.

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