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We have a lot of articles on grammar. Here are some pointers to things that (hopefully) ought to keep everything consistent.

General philosophy:

  • Follow descriptivism not prescriptivism, though it may be worth noting prescriptions (and proscriptions) where necessary. This is in line with nearly all modern grammarians.
  • Beware of websites about grammar. The authors both (1) oversimplify (2) make mistakes.
  • English has only two tenses, despite what a lot of grammars say.
  • English has a gender system (note: English (generally) lacks gender concord - it does not lack gender).
  • A pronoun is a type of noun. Don't say "noun or pronoun", say "a noun" or "a noun (including a pronoun)"
  • A phrase can be a single-word phrase. So say "phrase" or "a phrase (including a single-word phrase)" if clarity is desired.

Be specific: