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The use of emoticons, also known as smileys, frequently makes communication less impersonal. When communicating with people in plain text it is often easy to lose the emotional context. Examples of widely known emoticons are the - original? - smiley face :) and the frowny face :(

The word is a portmanteau word of the English words emotion and icon.

A few cool emoticons[edit]

Cut and paste the whole [[Image:emoticon.gif]] to use the emoticon.

Spit.gif [[Image:Spit.gif]]
Scratchchin.gif [[Image:Scratchchin.gif]]
Wave.gif [[Image:Wave.gif]]
Talktothehand.gif [[Image:Talktothehand.gif]]
Teacher.gif [[Image:Teacher.gif]]
Ashamed.gif [[Image:Ashamed.gif]]
Stirthepot.gif [[Image:Stirthepot.gif]]
Nods.gif [[Image:Nods.gif]]
Dictator.gif [[Image:Dictator.gif]]
Th hug.gif [[Image:Th_hug.gif]]
Th unsure.gif [[Image:Th_unsure.gif]]
Shifty.gif [[Image:Shifty.gif]]
Wtf.gif [[Image:Wtf.gif]]
Shakinghead.gif [[Image:Shakinghead.gif]]
Plotting.gif [[Image:Plotting.gif]]
Ohmy.gif [[Image:Ohmy.gif]]
Zoff.gif [[Image:Zoff.gif]]
Always nice to
be animated!