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Disambiguation pages are necessary for commonly confused article titles. Articles should be disambiguated where possible.

Add: template:Disambig to the bottom of pages. This will add them to Category:Teflpedia:Disambiguation pages

We also have some articles on individual ambiguities. These are in category:ambiguities.

Articles can be added here with explanatory notes. This should take them out of Special:Orphanedpages.

Title Links Disambiguate to Notes
-er links agentive -er, comparative -er
-s links third person -s, plural -s
Article links grammatical article / article (publishing)
BELTA links Bangladesh English Language Teachers Association / Belgian English Language Teachers Association See also MELTA
Consonant links consonant letter /consonant sound See also vowel
Discursive links Discursion /discourse
Function links language function / word function
Letter links letter (alphabet), letter (genre)
Linguistic links language / linguistics
Marker links discourse marker, grammatical marker, hesitation marker, exam marker/test marker, marker pen
MELTA links Malaysian English Language Teaching Association / Munich English Language Teachers Association See also BELTA
Nominal links Nominal (word class) - a word class, A noun phrase Adjective relating to a noun * Adjective relating to a name, * Nominal sentence - without a finite verb, Nominal group
Sense links physical sense, word sense
Semantic links Meaning, semantics
Sex links biological sex, sexual intercourse
Stop links stop (word), plosive
TTT links teacher talk time / test-teach-test
Verbal links speech, verb, word, verbal (word class)
Vowel links vowel letter/vowel sound See also consonant