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This is a Frequently Asked Questions about Teflpedia:

What is Teflpedia?[edit]

Teflpedia is a glossary covering teaching English as a second language. See Teflpedia:About

Who writes the content?[edit]

Teflpedia is crowd-sourced. Editors are mainly English teachers and researchers.

Who is the audience?[edit]

Mainly English teachers and second language acquisition researchers. Not English language learners.

What about other languages?[edit]

Teflpedia is mainly focused on English; other languages are not covered because they outside the project scope. Covering (say) the "past tense" across all different languages would be burdensome. We do feel that there would be scope for similar wikis (e.g. covering French as a foreign language), but each would have to cover a single language, and naturally would also be written in that language.

Isn't Telfpedia a redundant copy of Wikipedia?[edit]

Teflpedia is like Wikipedia but Teflpedia is not Wikipedia.

  • Wikipedia is an encyclopedia; Teflpedia is mainly a glossary.
  • Wikipedia includes all languages to achieve neutrality; Teflpedia focuses on English and is Anglo-centric.
  • Wikipedia has self-imposed restrictions on notability and original research. Teflpedia may interpret this a little more liberally.
  • Wikipedia attempts to cover "the sum of human knowledge"; we're just interested in English and English teaching.
  • Wikipedia is a battleground, unfortunately.

Reliability and errors[edit]

Is Teflpedia reliable?[edit]

Broadly, we think so. But...

Is Teflpedia peer-reviewed?[edit]

There is currently no system of formal peer-review. Articles are informally peer-reviewed by readers.

I've spotted an error![edit]

We understand there are errors. Please correct the article or report it to us via Teflpedia:Feedback.

Can I reuse material?[edit]

Yes, but stick to the licence.

Can I cite Teflpedia?[edit]

Yes, but we really rather you didn't. Can you really not find a better source? See Teflpedia:Citing Teflpedia