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Assume good faith is a fundamental principle here at teflpedia, as at most wikis. It is based on the assumption that edits and comments are made by people who are genuinely interested in helping out, i.e., their edits are made in good faith. If this were not the case, a project like teflpedia would be doomed from the very beginning. Assuming good faith, however, does not preclude discussion and constructive criticism.

If you disagree with something you read here, try to explain your reasons and resolve the problem, not cause conflict. Dispute may simply stem from different perspectives, and even when there is total disagreement, it should be possible to reach consensus.

A word of advice[edit]

You should continue to assume good faith yourself even when another user cast doubts on your good faith. In your responses, be civil. Another user's apparent lack of good faith may simply be due to their not being accustomed to interacting on a wiki. Don't forget that other users are monitoring the dispute, and your response to a conflict may well condition their support.