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The teflblacklist[1] is an inactive blog which listed schools which teachers had found to be problematic.

Its last post is dated December 03, 2008, though its history still exists and makes for interesting reading.

Even a casual glance through the postings will suggest issues which potential teachers should be aware of, as the market is full of cowboy outfits, and even famous schools are not beyond a little creative accounting.

It was run by the blogger and teacher Sandy McManus who carried out some similar reporting at The TEFL Tradesman, but finally posted a goodbye there, too, in February 2015, which starts with this preamble:

"Well, it's almost exactly ten years since I first breathed life into 'Sandy McManus', aka 'The Tefl Tradesman', and started this blog. In all that time I have achieved ... probably very little (if anything at all)"

Sandy McManus may be a pseudonym.


The views expressed on Teflblacklist are not necessarily the views of Teflpedians.


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