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Was thinking that maybe we could set up a page for Teflpedia editors to post their teaching portfolio (not that mine is up-to-date or ready to post...) along the lines of Bob M's userpage. It might be a dynamic way of encouraging folks to think more carefully 'bout how they teach, get 'em to exchange teaching techniques, comments, etc. Just a thought. As an exception to general wikiculture, maybe it should be blocked to anonymous editors in some way to prevent possible vandalism.--Technopat 15:43, 8 March 2010 (UTC)

Well, users are welcome to use their userpages in any way they like. We say about userpages:
  • Enter as much or as little personal information as you chose. If you are a freelance you may use your page to advertise English language teaching services to students or institutions. Put a link to your English language associated website. To this end you may also wish to put some sample lessons in our “free lessons” pages so that students or others may get an idea of your work.
So if anybody wants to put up their teaching portfolio - or anything else - on their userpage they are more then welcome to do so. Another possibility would be to make a teaching portfolio a sub page of a userpage and give it a category "Teaching portfolio". I'm not convinced that we have sufficient critical mass at the moment though. Most of our users just come to look rather than edit - which is a bit of a shame.--Bob M 18:18, 8 March 2010 (UTC)
Patience is a whatchamallit. --Technopat 11:10, 10 March 2010 (UTC)