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I have pruned the following from the article for the reasons given:

Prune 1

It unfortunately, but necessarily, leaves out several important historical events and characters, concentrating only on those which have a direct bearing on the historical development of the language and then, for reasons of space, only on those which cannot be omitted under any excuse.

End Prune 1.

We have no real space restriction and there is no reason why such information could not be added later.

Prune 2

Likewise, it is inevitably simplistic and only touches the surface of the few points it does bring up, completely ignoring certain aspects which might be considered essential to any linguist and/or historian. Furthermore, and equally regrettably, apart from a brief summary of its current state, it stops short of the onset of Modern English, in itself a subject so diverse and eventful that it requires far more space than is available here.

End prune 2

Again, space is not really a constraint, and there is no reason to assume that more will not be added.

Prune 3

The following account concentrates therefore on the changes English has undergone over the centuries to bring it to its present state of evolution. Thus, it does not consider the numerous modern influences brought about by its regional and cultural varieties, nor influences such as internet, international relations, etc.

End prune 3.

There is nothing to stop such considerations being added in the future.--Bob M 16:15, 20 July 2009 (UTC)