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Hi Bob - what a great wiki you have. I'm not an English teacher and don't feel it appropriate for me to do any editing, because I don't know the correct orthography or context, so if this is of use you could assign it out or update it yourself. You may not consider it relevant but here goes ... the result of a word-search game I played with a friend. Your page on "pronunciation of 'ea'" lists eleven ways to pronounce this very productive combination:


ee /iː/ bean, meat, dream
eh /e/ bread, jealous, measure
uh /ə/ sergeant, nausea, ocean
uuh /ɜː/ heard, earn, early
ah /ɑː/ heart, forearm, firearm


ee-uh /iːə/ meal, theatre, laureate, reappraise, beatific, linear, protean
eh-ee /eiː/ great, Rea, limeade
ih-uh /ɪə/ clear, fear, beard
eh-uh /eə/ pear, bear, wear
ee-aaeh /iːæ/ reality, oleaginous


ee-eh-ee /iːeiː/ create, reagent

Plus a pronunciation that is strictly a combining form, ee-oo /iːuː/, as in beauty ... although not its mate, oh /əʊ/BrE /oʊ/,AmE as in beau.

I think this is a very incomplete list ... and a fuller list could provide a useful example to students of how crazily MANY ways some letter combinations can be pronounced in English. You could add at least 12 others:


ih /ɪ/ mileage, acreage
aaeh /æ/ poleaxe
aw /ɔː/ Sean


ee-ah /iːɑː/ rearm
ee-aw /iːɔː/ realter
ee-aeh [iːæ̠] meander, reanimate, preamble [priːæ̠mbl̩] (feel your mouth ... this is slightly less open than ee-aaeh /iːæ/ as in reality /riːælətiː/)
ee-ih /iːɪ/ lineage
eh-aeh [ɛæ̠] yeah


eh-ee-ah /eiːɑː/ seance, realpolitik
eh-ee-aaeh /eiːæ/ beatitude, cineaste
ee-eh-uh /iːeə/ linearity
eh-ee-uh /eiːə/ hosea

Best wishes, Sam Lowry, Portland, OR <samlowry____@hot______.c__>

This is very interesting and I'll add some of your suggestions. Our words must be relatively common. This means that "cineaste" and "hosea" won't make it, but "lineage" and "yeah" will.
Thanks for your help. Ghoti (talk) 11:09, 5 February 2016 (UTC)
I added IPA. [æ̠] is pseudo IPA. Ghoti (talk) 13:49, 15 February 2016 (UTC)