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From Teflpedia

Take (/teɪk/) is an English verb.

Take is an irregular lexical verb. It has the third person form "takes" /teɪks/, the -ing form "taking" (spelt with a dropped magic E), the preterite "took" /tʊk/ and the past participle "taken" (/teɪkən/). The latter two may be over-regularised to *"taked.”

“Take" is ambitransitive verb, though the majority of usage is transitive. “I took my essay to the teacher.” It can undergo dative shift, e.g. “I took my teacher the essay.” (this may be a bit more complicated though).

Learners may confuse “send” and "take.” They may also confuse bring and take.

There are some phrasal verbs, e.g. "take off.”