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A symbol is ... [broader than the definition given below.]

Many symbols including punctuation marks, have specific English names. The need to give an email address over the telephone has brought this home to many students who have no idea how to say "@" (= at) or "." (= dot).

Symbol Name HTML*
. Full stopBrE
, Comma
: Colon
; Semi-colon
? Question mark
! Exclamation mark
" Quotation mark "
& Ampersand &
< Less than &lt;
> Greater than &gt;
Carriage return &crarr;
Minus sign &minus;
Asterisk &lowast;
Square root &radic;
Proportional to &prop
Infinity &infin;
Therefore &there4;
euro &euro;
¢ Cent &cent;
£ Pound &pound;
¥ Yen &yen;
© Copyright &copy;
® Registered trade mark &reg
° Degree &deg;
± Plus or minus &plusm;
Paragraph sign &para;
¼ Quarter &frac14;
½ Half &frac12;
¾ Three quarters &frac34;
Trade mark &trade;
˜ Tilde &tilde;
% Percent
Permille &permil;

∗Note: The HTML are case-sensitive; don't forget the ";" at the end.