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Supernatural and esoteric phenomena[edit]

  • Do you believe that everything can be explained rationally or do some phenomena defy scientific explanation?
  • What superstitions, if any, do you hold?
  • What are some common superstitions in your country?
  • Have you ever seen a ghost? How would you react if you saw a ghost?
  • Do you know anyone who claims to have seen a ghost? What story did they tell?
  • How would you feel about spending the night in a haunted house?
  • Why do you think that so many people do believe in ghosts?
  • What is your opinion about the existence of poltergeists?
  • Have you ever had a dream which came true? What happened?
  • What , if anything, do you think we can learn from dreams?
  • People sometimes feel that they can predict what someone is going to say before they have finished speaking. Have you ever had this experience? Why do you think it happens?
  • Have you ever used an ouija board? What happened? Do you think they "work"? If so, how and why?
  • Have ever experienced déjà vu - the feeling that you have visited a place before when you know that it is your first visit?
  • Have you ever been hypnotised? Would you like to be? Why/why not?
  • What is your opinion of the Loch Ness monster?
  • If you visited Scotland would you visit Loch Ness?
  • Do you think that any of the following work - crystal balls, Tarot cards, palm reading, the evil eye, Kabbalah?
  • If you don’t believe in these things - why do you think that so many people do believe in them?
  • Do you believe in Angels and Demons?


  • What is the difference between astrology and astronomy?
  • What is your opinion of astrology? Do you ever read your horoscope in the newspaper?
  • Does it ever "come true"? Does it "come true" for everybody with that star sign?
  • What is your star sign?
  • What signs are you supposed to be compatible with?
  • What possible link could there be between unconnected stars moving hundreds of thousands of light years away and our lives here on Earth?

Astrological signs[edit]

  • Aries /ˈɛəriːz/ - The ram
  • Taurus /ˈtɔːrəs/ - The bull
  • Gemini /ˈdʒɛmɪnaɪ/ - The twins
  • Cancer /ˈkænsər/ - The crab
  • Leo /ˈliːəʊ/ - The lion
  • Virgo /ˈvɜːrɡəʊ/ - The maiden
  • Libra /ˈliːbrə/ - The scales
  • Scorpio /ˈskɔːrpiəʊ/ - The scorpion
  • Sagittarius /ˌsædʒɪˈteəriəs/ - The archer
  • Capricorn /ˈkæprɪkɔːrn/ - The goat[1] (or the mountain sea-goat)[2]
  • Aquarius /əˈkweəriəs/ - The water bearer
  • Pisces /ˈpaɪsiːz/ - The fish


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