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  • What is stress?

Causes of stress[edit]

  • How many different causes of stress can you think of?
  • Can you think of any circumstances when leisure activities cause you stress?
  • Rate the following activities from 0 (no stress) to 10 (maximum stress):
    • making a speech to less than 10 people.
    • making a speech to over 50 people.
    • preparing for an exam.
    • Sitting an exam.
    • Buying a cup of coffee.
    • Striking up a conversation with a stranger.
    • Taking a plane flight.
    • Driving.
    • Asking somebody to dance.
    • Answering the phone.
    • Asking somebody out on a first date.
    • Trying to work out why your computer won't work.
    • Speaking in English
    • Attending a job interview.
  • Compare you scores with your partner or the rest of the class. Who is the most easily stressed?

Symptoms of stress[edit]

  • Do you know how to recognize stress in yourself? In other people?
  • Many of us probably feel the typical symptoms of stress at some time or another. Isolated, they may not mean much, but together they may suggest a degree of stress. How often do you have the following symptoms:
    • Feeling tired during the day.
    • Sleeping badly.
    • A painful stomach.
    • Feeling nervous or worried about things in general.
    • Feeling irritable or becoming angry more easily.
    • Difficulty in concentrating.

Treatment of stress[edit]

  • What would you recommend to someone you know who is under stress?
  • How do you think you could reduce stress or prevent stress in your life?
  • Are there certain times of year when you feel more stress? When and why?
  • Have you ever felt you were under a lot of stress? What did you do to overcome it?
  • Which of the following do you think would be the best general advice?
    • just wait for it to go away
    • do sport
    • have a massage
    • go to the doctor for some sort of medication
    • go to a psychologist to learn relaxation techniques
    • Spend more time in the pub
    • consider what is stressing you and take action to eliminate it (if you can).
    • Something else
  • Some people "solve" their stress by compulsive buying. Have you ever gone on a shopping spree? Do you know anyone who has? What did you/they buy? Did it make you feel better?

The positive side[edit]

  • A certain level of stress can be positive. Can you think of any cases where stress can be useful or even necessary?
  • Do you like being busy?

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