Stereotypes conversation questions

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This is a potentially controversial subjeSuperscript textct in some societies, and consequently some teachers may want to carefully consider if they wish to use all of these questions.

These are conversation questions about stereotypes.

  • Think of some countries. What are the national stereotypes for these countries?
    • What about your own country?
  • Think of some jobs. What are the stereotypes surrounding those jobs?
  • Think of some different groups in society (e.g. old people, children, middle-aged men, teenagers, gay people). What are the stereotypes about people who belong to those groups?
  • Which stereotypes are positive, negative or neutral?
  • Which stereotypes are offensive?
  • Why do people have stereotypes?
    • Are stereotypes potentially useful? How?
  • How do stereotypes lead to prejudice? How can we stop stereotypes leading to prejudice?