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Sport (/spɔ:t/) includes all forms of competitive physical activity or games[1]

In Commonwealth English, sport is usually treated as an uncountable noun, whereas in American English generally prefers to refer to sports (plural).

Sport is an important part of culture. Popular sports in English-speaking countries include Baseball, cricket, various codes of football, particularly association football, etc.

The English verbs play, go and do are associated with sports. "Play sports" are typically games; play cricket, play football, play hockey. "Go sports" involve travelling, e.g. go running, go swimming, go skiing. "Do sports" are activities, e.g. do yoga, do exercise, do martial arts.

There are a number of sport-related idioms in English, some pertaining to sport generally, others pertaining to individual sports.

When describing results, we tend to use irregular verbs like win/won/won, lose/lost/lost, drew/draw/drawn, tie (reg), beat/beat/beaten. Collocational prepositions are also important here; "A played (against) B", "A beat B" (not *"A won B"), "B lost to A", "C drew with D", etc. Words for 0 can also be different.

We have some sport conversation questions.

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