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Here are some conversation questions about spoons. Don't forget to take the answers out before giving them to students! Note: This page is also intended partly as a general parody of conversation questions.

General spoon-related questions[edit | edit source]

  • Are you interested in spoons?
  • Do you have a favourite spoon?
  • How many spoons do you own?
  • Where do you keep your spoons?
  • Do you remember any spoons from your childhood?
  • What will happen to your spoons when you die?
  • If you could only have one eating utensil, which one would you rather have; a knife, a fork or a spoon? Why?
  • Do you collect spoons, or know someone who does?
    • Do you like to collect anything else, e.g. stamps, coins, etc?
    • Would you like to start collecting spoons?
  • How many different types of spoon can you name?
    • (Answers: e.g. tea spoon, table spoon, serving spoon, dessert spoon, long spoon, fruit spoon, cocktail spoon, soup spoon, wooden spoon, etc)
    • What can you use each spoon for?
  • How are spoons made?
  • Spoons are often made of plastic. How and why is plastic pollution an environmental problem?
  • What is a spork? Have you got one?
    • [Answer: It is a combined spoon and fork]
    • What is a sporf?Have you got one of those?
      • [[Answer: It is a combined spoon, fork and knife]
  • Do you spoon in bed with your romantic partner? Are you the "big spoon" or the "little spoon"?
  • Do you know of any jokes involving spoons?
    • (e.g. Patient: "Doctor, Doctor, whenever I drink tea I get a pain in my eye." Doctor: "You need to take the spoon out first!")
  • Have you seen a magician bend a spoon? How do they do it? - Do you think they do it with real magic or is it an illusion? Why? (Answer)
  • Do you know how to play the card game called "spoons"?
    • No, I have no idea either but you can find out on the Internet.
  • The word spoon is often considered an example of an inherently funny word.
    • Which English words do you think are funny?
    • Which words do people find funny in your language?
  • What is spoon theory?
  • In Wales, it is traditional for someone to express their love for their lover by spending several hours carefully carving an intricate "Love Spoon". What other ways are there to express love that are nearly as romantic?

Idioms[edit | edit source]

  • What does it mean to "be born with a silver spoon in your mouth"?
    • [Answer: It means to be born into a rich family who can give you life opportunities]
    • British rock band The Who sang "I was born with a plastic spoon in my mouth" - what did they mean?
  • "He who sups with the Devil should have a long spoon" - what do you think this idiomatic proverb means?
    • [Answer: It means you should be cautious when dealing with dangerous people.]
  • "Spoon-feeding" has two meanings, one literal one idiomatic. What are they?
    • [Answer: literally Feeding baby with a spoon - but also idiomatic usage meaning to be give someone something with them doing little work themselves]
    • Do you expect your teacher to spoon-feed you English or is it up to you to take control of your own learning? Why?
  • Have you ever been to a greasy spoon cafe? Who eats there? What food can you buy there?
    • [Answer: Cheap fried sausages, bacon, beans, strong tea, etc]
  • Italy are perennial winners of rugby's Six Nations wooden spoon, meaning that they usually finish in last place behind England, France, Ireland, Scotland and Wales:
    • Do you watch the rugby? [note: French and Italian students may do, others are less likely to]
    • Why are Italy so bad at rugby?
    • What other bad sports teams can you think of? Why are they so bad?

Celebrity interview[edit | edit source]

  • Think of a celebrity. One of your role-play the celebrity, the other role-play a magazine interviewer. Ask the celebrity questions about spoons in their lives.

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