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Disambiguation: This is about the verb; for the skill see speaking.

Speak (/spi:k/) is an English verb, meaning "to communicate with one's voice, to say words out loud".[1]

"Speak" is an irregular lexical verb, with the third person form "speaks" /spi:ks/, the preterite "spoke" (/spəʊk/), the past participle "spoken" (/spəʊkən/), and the -ing form "speaking" (/spi:kɪŋ(g)/.

The noun form of speak is "speech".

"Speak" is an ambitransitive verb that can be used intransitively (e.g. "I spoke") or transitively (e.g. "I spoke English"), and can take a prepositional phrase beginning with "to", e.g. "I spoke English to him", but cannot undergo dative shift - e.g. *"I spoke him English".

Learners may confuse "speak" with "say" or "talk" - notably in Chinese all three are 说 (trad: 說, pinyin: shuō).