Socks conversation questions

From Teflpedia

  • Do you wear socks?
  • How many pairs of socks do you think you own?
  • Do you prefer colourful socks or plain black or white socks?
  • What can you do with a sock apart from putting it on you foot?
  • Have you ever found a sock in an unusual place?
  • Are socks sexy?
  • What do you do with a sock that has a hole?
  • What do you do with unpaired socks?
  • What's your opinion on "no-show" socks? Are they really socks at all?
  • Have you ever made a sock puppet from a sock?
  • Describe the feeling of putting on new socks.
  • If someone says "Put a sock in it!" what do they mean?
  • Do your socks smell?