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Social networks have always existed, but the advent of internet has led to a "new" way of setting up and maintaining relationships.

Social networking services[edit]

  • How many hours a day or a week do you spend on the net when you are not working?
  • Do you use social network services such as Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn?
  • If you do,
    • How often do you use it/them?
    • Why did you choose that particular service?
    • When did you join your first social network? Does it still exist?
    • What percentage of your friends in social networks are real life friends?
    • Do you have any real life friends you met through the internet?
  • If you don't,
    • Why not?
    • Do you think you will ever join one?
  • Do you ever get on the internet using your mobile phone?
  • Some people don't use email anymore, because they prefer social networks. What do you think?
  • Some people "collect" friends in social networks. Is it possible to have 500 friends in real life?
  • Do you think Internet addiction is a real disease?
  • How different would your life be if there were no Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?

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