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Moving with the times[edit]

  • Can you ride a skateboard? If so, when did you learn? Was it easy? Did it take many bruises?
  • Do you know many people who ride skateboards? What age group are they?
  • Where do you/they ride? In skate parks? On the street?
  • What kinds of tricks can you do? Can you do an "ollie"?
  • Have you tried surfing or snowboarding? How similar are they to skateboarding?
  • Is skateboarding a sport, hobby, or lifestyle?
  • Is skateboarding a crime?[1]
  • Should people be allowed to skateboard on public property?
  • Is skateboarding different from or similar to art?
  • Do you ever use a skateboard as a form of transportation?
  • What different types of skateboards are there?
  • What are the different parts of a skateboard?
  • What do you think of places that put up "No Skateboarding" signs?
  • Is skateboarding related to vandalism?
  • What would happen if skateboarding were banned?
  • Why is skateboarding so popular?
  • Should people take down no skateboarding signs?
  • Would you encourage other people to do it?

Skateboard culture[edit]

  • Skateboarding is often associated with street culture, hip-hop and urban gangs.
  • Do you, or anyone you know, form part of that culture?
  • Is the stereotype correct?
  • Do you know people over 25 who skateboard?

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