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Shakespeare conversation questions

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  • What (if anything) do you know about the English playwright William Shakespeare?
  • How many of Shakespeare’s plays can you name?
    • Do you know which ones are comedies, tragedies or histories?
  • Have you ever seen a Shakespeare play performed at a theatre?
    • If yes…
      • Which play did you see?
      • Where did you see it?
      • When did you see it?
      • Which language was it performed in?
      • What do you remember about the story?
      • Did you enjoy it?
      • Did you understand it?
      • What was the setting?
    • If no…
      • Would you like to go?
      • Can you find out what Shakespeare plays are due to be performed near you in your country soon?
  • Have you ever seen a film version of a Shakespeare play? (see also: movie conversation questions)
    • If yes…
      • What film was it?
      • What did you think about it?
      • What do you remember about the story?
      • Did you understand it?
      • Did you enjoy it?
      • What was the setting?
    • If no…
      • Are you sure? Have you not seen The Lion King?
  • Have you ever read a Shakespeare play?
    • If yes, which one was it?
    • Why did you read it?
    • Did you like it?
  • Do you know any quotations from Shakespeare?
  • Have you visited either Shakespeare’s home town of Stratford-upon-Avon and/or the replica Globe Theatre in London?
    • If yes, what was your experience?
    • If no, would you like to go? What information can you find about these tourist destinations?
  • How is Shakespearean English different from contemporary English?
    • How easy is it for you, as a second language learner, to understand Shakespearean English?
  • Shakespeare is widely considered the most important author of the English language, due to his antiquity and the quality of his work. Can you think of a similar figure in the history of your own language? What do you know about them? What did they write? Have you read any of their works, or seen any of their plays, etc?
  • How old do children need to be before they can truly appreciate great literature?
  • In the UK, schoolchildren are often made to study Shakespeare. Do you think this is a good idea? Why?