Sex conversation questions

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This is a potentially controversial subject in some societies, and consequently some teachers may want to carefully consider if they wish to use all of these questions.

Here are some conversation questions about sex. I think we also have some Relationships conversation questions, and abortion conversation questions.

Sex[edit | edit source]

How comfortable do you feel talking about sex?

Your attitudes:

  • How comfortable do you feel talking about sex?
  • How are your attitudes towards sex different to your friends' or your parents'?
  • Does your religion affect your views on sex? How?

Sex education:

  • What should schools teach children about sex and relationships? What should they teach? At what age?
  • For adults: Do you think you received good quality sex education when you were at school?
    • [Alternatively, for kids]: What sex ed classes do you get at school?
  • What is abstinence-only sex education? Why is this politically popular despite the fact it has been shown to be largely ineffective?
  • What do kids learn about sex outside the classroom?
  • "The talk"
    • Did one of your parents have "the talk" with you to explain how sex worked? How old were you? What did they say? How did it feel?
    • Have you had "the talk" with your own children? What did you say? How did that feel?
    • NB: There is a potential role play here
  • What does practising safer sex mean?
  • At what age do people in your society usually lose their virginity (have sex for the first time)?
  • Should contraception be free?
  • How acceptable is it to pay for sex? Why?
  • How acceptable is it to have sex before marriage? Why?
  • How acceptable is it to have sex outside of marriage? Why?
  • What do you think about "friends with benefits"?
  • How often should a couple have sex?
  • What do you think about the portrayal of sex in film and TV?
  • What do you think about pornography?
  • What do you think about sex in literature?
  • What sexual euphemisms do you know? How about in your language?
  • Do you know any rude jokes?