Science fiction conversation questions

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Science fiction[edit]

  • How would you define "science fiction"?
  • Do you enjoy reading science fiction?
  • Who are your favourite science fiction authors?
  • What sort of people do you think science fiction mostly interests?
  • Do you think you can learn much about science by reading science fiction?
  • Can you think of any ideas which were "science fiction" in the past but which are common technologies today?
  • Can you think of any ideas which are science fiction today but which will be common technologies in the next 50 years?
  • Science fiction is sometimes divided into "hard" and "soft" SF. What do you think the categories mean?
  • There is also a distinction between science fiction and fantasy. What do you understand the distinction to be?

Films and TV[edit]

  • What is your favourite science fiction film?
  • What is your favourite science fiction TV series?
  • Who is your favourite SF character from films or TV?
  • What do you think of the quality of the science in science fiction films?

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