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Sandy McManus is the author of a creator of a number of TEFL blogs including the inactive Teflblacklist and The TEFL Tradesman[1]. He describes himself as "a malpracticing EFL teacher, currently at large somewhere near an oil well by the Caspian. Or Libya. Or not..." However, from other comments he has made on the web it is pretty clear that he lives in the UK.

Both blogs are highly critical of some aspects of the TEFL industry and as a consequence "Sandy McManus" is a pseudonym.[2]


In his TEFLtastic interview he described his current motivation:

I really enjoy ‘dishing the dirt’ on the Tefl shysters and revealing the racket that is the appallingly insecure UK Tefl scene. Secondly, I have met so many odd characters in EFL (teachers, managers, school owners) that they truly inspire suspended belief and deserve to be the subjects of, if not true creators of, a high degree of absurd humour. Thirdly, I enjoy lampooning some of the more eccentric approaches to methodology (NLP, dogme, HLT, etc) and their advocates (Mario, Scott, etc). In truth, I do have a good deal of respect for all of these people and the approaches, but I cannot fail to see the ridiculous side too. I guess it’s just the prankster in me!

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