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A salesperson (/seɪlzpɜ:sən/; plural salespeople (/seɪlzpi:pəl/) or salespersons (/seɪlzpɜ:sənz/), sometimes gendered as salesman (m; /seɪlzmən/) or saleswoman (f; /seɪlzwʊmən/) - plurals salesmen (also /seɪlzmən/) and saleswomen /seɪlzwɪmɪn/) is a job covering people who sell goods or services.

Within the ESL industry, a salesperson may be tasked to sell English courses on behalf of a language school to students, or books on behalf of a publisher to teachers/students, or teaching courses to (prospective) teachers, etc.

In a non-English speaking country, local salespeople are routinely employed by language schools, as they can speak the local language (which is essential for clients who can't speak English well) and have a developed understanding of local culture. This also means that there is a division of labour which leaves teachers to focus on what they do best, i.e. teaching. The salespeople act as an engine that helps keeps teachers in a job. Some negatives however are that salespeople may not properly understand teaching or learning, yet may interfere. Unscrupulous salespeople may also overpromise to clients to get a sale, thus creating downstream problems, and upsell clients services that wouldn't pedagogically benefit the client and/or which the clients can't afford.

The salesperson is also a classic role in many role plays.