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Remember is an English verb. It is a memory-related verb, with two meanings; (1) to memorise or (2) to recall.[1]

Other languages may make a distinction between memorise/recall.

I forget the antonym of remember (that's a fumblerule). Of course, the opposite of remember is forget.

Remember is the most common 3 syllable verb in English. "Remember" is a compound verb, formed with the prefix re- (meaning "again") and the verb "to member" which is now obsolete. "Remember" is a regular verb, with the base form "remember", the third person form "remembers",-ing form "remembering" and a regular preterite and past participle "remembered".

"Remember+gerund" has a different meaning to "Remember+to-infinitive", e.g. "I remembered to post the letter" (means "I posted the letter; I didn't forget to post it") v. "I remember posting the letter" (means "I remember that I posted the letter" or "I recall posting the letter" - this is more narration).

Remember can be a reporting verb (e.g. as before "I remember that I posted the letter").