Reflexive pronoun

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A reflexive pronoun (/rəˈfleksɪv ˈprəʊnaʊn/) is a pronoun that can be used with a reflexive verb.

The reflexive pronouns in English are:

Pronoun Person number Grammatical gender.
myself first person singular First person Singular Dual
ourselves first person plural First person Plural Dual
yourself second person singular Second person Singular Dual
yourselves second person plural Second person Plural Dual
himself third person masculine singular Third person Singular Masculine
herself third person feminine singular Third person Singular Feminine
itself third person neuter singular Third person Singular Neuter
oneself third person generic one Third person Singular Dual
themself third person singular they, sometimes considered incorrect. Third person Singular Dual
themselves third person plural Third person Plural Common

Along with reciprocal pronouns, they form a category of anaphoric pronouns.