Real conditional

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A real conditional is a type of conditional sentence, based on a real condition (i.e. a condition which the speaker/writer expects the conditional to have a good chance of being true).

This may be in the past - and unknown to the speaker, it may be an action in the present/future, it may be in the present/future. It may also be an action or a general truth.

Real conditionals are the most complex type of conditionals,

Types of real conditional[edit | edit source]

If the condition is in present time or future time, then the probability has to be p ≳ 0.5; however, for past time, the likelihood has to be p>0. If the present/future time condition’s probability is ≲ 0.5, or the condition’s past likelihood is known to be 0, then the condition is an unreal conditional.

The archetypal example of a real conditional is the first conditional, such as "If you don’t water those plants, they will die".

Other types, include a real past time condition with present consequence