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These quick conversation questions are aimed at giving ideas for mini-conversations which can be developed as pairwork, coolers (rather than warmers, but might depend on group level) or even mindmaps, for instance, rather than the full-blown class activities suggested by the more complete teflpedia conversation questions section, which currently features 154 different topics of conversation. The format here is that of keywords/brainstorming session and allows for an almost unlimited number of additions. There are currently 19 sections with links to 54 conversation pages. Please add of your plenty, both here and at any of the specific conversation pages. Likewise, (possibly) depending on the level of the students, you may consider drawing up further questions to existing sections and even creating a whole new section as a class activity.

Arts (The)[edit]

  • literature; museums; music; auctions; festivals; exhibitions; free entry; modern art; classical music; theatre; film;

see also Art conversation questions, Films conversation questions, Music conversation questions,


  • choosing a computer; computer breakdowns; removing a computer virus; internet; forums; blogs; freeware; wikis; social networks;

see also Computers conversation questions, Internet conversation questions and Social networks conversation questions


  • punishment; prisons; community service; death penalty; life sentences; fines;

see also Crime conversation questions, Corruption conversation questions, Pirates conversation questions and Terrorism conversation questions

Economy (The)[edit]

  • banking; credit crunch; taxes; inflation; mortgages; loans; credit cards; overdrafts; stock market; saving;

see also Banking conversation questions, The euro conversation questions, Global financial crisis conversation questions, Money conversation questions


  • TV; Internet; cinema; bootlegging; MP3; downloading; mainstream theatre; fringe theatre;

see also Films conversation questions, Humour conversation questions and Theme parks conversation questions

Environment (The)[edit]

  • recycling; urban sprawl; pollution; GM foods; nature reserves; the biosphere;

see also Global warming conversation questions, GM food conversation questions, Renewable energy conversation questions


  • visiting the doctor/dentist/optician; doing exercise; diets; stress;

see also Alternative medicine conversation questions, Dentist conversation questions, Drugs conversation questions, Health conversation questions and Stress conversation questions


  • buying/selling/building a house; mortgages; moving home; problems with neighbours; DIY;

see also Housing conversation questions; Neighbourhood conversation questions

Jobs and employment[edit]

  • starting a new job; asking for a pay increase; hire & fire policies; promotion; conflict resolution; teamwork;

see also Career choice conversation questions, Employment conversation questions, Job interview conversation questions, Retirement conversation questions,

Language skills[edit]

  • learning foreign languages; speaking in public; speaking in English in public; writing poetry; writing a novel;

see also Languages conversation questions and Learning English conversation questions

Love and marriage[edit]

  • love at first sight; first dates; sexual relations; breaking up; meeting "the parents"; getting married/divorced; having children; having a baby; bringing up a child;

see also Relationships conversation questions; Weddings conversation questions


  • elections; universal suffrage; sleaze; spin doctors; parliament; quangos; vote rigging;

see also Politics conversation questions

Red tape[edit]

  • dealing with bureaucracy; visas; renewing a passport;


  • moon landings; manned flight; space exploration; astronomy; solar system; space tourism;

see also Science fiction conversation questions, Space exploration conversation questions and UFO conversation questions


  • Football; Olympic Games; football; exercise; team spirit; football;

see also Cycling conversation questions, Football conversation questions, Skateboarding conversation questions, The Olympics conversation questions and World Cup conversation questions


  • exams; study habits; qualifications; private tuition

see also Career choice conversation questions, Education conversation questions and Learning English conversation questions


  • learning to drive; buying a new car; driving; having an accident; road safety; traffic control; cycle lanes; public transport; speeding; double parking; speeding; speed limits;

See also: Cars conversation questions, Accidents conversation questions

Travel and tourism[edit]

  • holidays; hotels; carbon footprint; overbooking; camping;

see also Accessibility conversation questions, Flying conversation questions, Holidays conversation questions and Hotels conversation questions;

Wining and dining[edit]

  • eating out; nouveau cuisine; traditional dishes; exotic dishes; wine tasting; fish 'n' chips;

see also Alcohol conversation questions, Barbecues conversation questions, Food conversation questions, GM food conversation questions and Restaurants conversation questions

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