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Question tag

From Teflpedia

A question tag (/kwesʧən tæg/) is a tag clause added to the end of a statement to make a tag question.

A positive question tag consists of only an auxiliary verb and a pronoun. A negative question tag, in addition to having an auxiliary verb and a pronoun, has the word "not" for negation. They generally use the same auxiliary verb as the main statement. The polarity is generally reversed. There are two negative forms, a contracted form and an uncontracted form. It is the question tag that contains the grammatical marker that indicates the sentence is a question.

Most possible forms are given in the table below:

Verb form Tense Pronouns Question tag positive form example Question tag contracted negative form example Question tag uncontracted negative form example Notes
am present I am I? aren’t I? am I not?
are present you, we, they are you? aren’t you? are you not?
is present he, she, it, one is he? isn’t he? is he not?
was past I, he, she, it, one was he? wasn’t he? was he not?
were past you, they, were you? weren’t you? were you not?
do present I, you, we they do you? don’t you? do you not?
does present he, she, it, one does he? doesn’t he? does he not?
did past All did you? didn’t you? did you not?
have present I, you, we, they have you? haven’t you? have you not?
has present he, she, it, one has he? hasn’t he? has he not?
had past All had you? hadn’t you? had you not?
can present All can you? can’t you? can you not?
could past All could you? couldn’t you? could you not?
will present All will you? won’t you? will you not?
would past All would you? wouldn’t you? would you not?
may present All may you? ?mayn’t you? may you not? The form "mayn’t" is rare.
might past All might you? mightn’t you? might you not?
shall present All shall you? shan’t you? shall you not?
should past All should you? shouldn’t you? should you not?
must present All must you? mustn’t you? must you not?
ought (to) present All ought you? oughtn’t you? ought you not?
dare present All dare you? daren’t you? dare you not?
need present All need you? needn’t you? need you not?