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Many people, when they think of public transport, have in mind mainly buses and trains. But there are many other means of public transport, including taxis, trams, ferries, coaches and planes. According to the 2001 figures for the European Union passenger transport market, road accounts for 79%, air for 5% and rail for 6%. On the other hand, between 1970 and 2000 the number of cars in the European Union almost trebled, from 62.5 million to nearly 175 million,[1] while passenger traffic by rail increased from 217 billion to 290 billion passenger/kilometres over similar period.[1]

  • How often do you use public transport, i.e. one of the above?
  • What are the pros and cons of using public transport?
  • Are there any advantages regarding distances? Cost? Comfort?
  • What are the pros and cons of using your own vehicle/cycling/walking?
  • Do you only use public transport for moving around where you live? To go to school/work/shopping?
  • Do you have a smartphone app to call a taxi, such as Uber or Cabify?
  • Do you use public transport for travelling on holiday? To visit other cities/regions?
  • If you have to make a short journey within your city/where you live, what would be the quickest way of getting there?
  • If you have to travel to another part of the country, what would be the quickest way of getting there?
  • Can you think of any advantages of using public transport as opposed to using your own vehicle, walking or cycling?
  • As Europe's population is ageing, there will soon be a greater need for public transport. Why do you think this is?
  • There are many economic and ecological arguments in favour of public transport. Can you think of any?
  • Which of the following aspects do you think are important:
    • Traffic management
    • Environmental impact
    • Prices
    • Energy efficiency
    • Accessibility
    • Safety
    • Sustainable energy
  • Are there travel passes in your country/city?
    • For students?
    • For senior citizens?
    • For tourists?
  • Do you have one? Is there much of a discount?
  • Do you think having a travel pass encourages you to use public transport more?


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