Prepositional phrase

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A prepositional phrase (/prepəzɪʃənəl freɪz/) is a phrase with a preposition as its head. It may be a single-word phrase, in which case it's a preposition, or a multi-word phrase also containing a noun phrase, the head of which is the prepositional object.

Prepositional phrases usually (always?) function as adverbials or adjectivals, but can also function as nominals.



  • ahead of schedule
  • beside the point
  • from the start
  • out of the question
  • with effect from
  • with regard to

with at[edit]

  • at any price
  • at short notice
  • at the moment
  • at this point

with in[edit]

  • in addition to
  • in arrears
  • in conjunction with
  • in connection with
  • in charge of
  • in fact
  • in favour of
  • in other words
  • in principle
  • in spite of
  • in this respect
  • in view of

with on[edit]

  • on behalf of
  • on the basis of
  • on the contrary

with to[edit]

  • to my knowledge
  • to some extent

with under[edit]

  • under consideration
  • under no circumstances
  • under pressure