Possessive determiner

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A possessive determiner is a pronoun and a determiner that is used as a possessive to indicate possession. There are two types in English; dependent possessive determiners and independent possessive determiners. The dependent forms are required to be followed by a noun; the independent forms cannot be followed by a noun.

In traditional grammar, dependent determiners tend to be referred to as "possessive pronouns", and independent determiners tend to be referred to as "possessive adjectives", whereas modern grammar analyses them all as pronouns, not adjectives. All of these pronouns express the genitive case.

Type Dependent form Independent form
First person singular my mine
first person plural our ours
Second person singular and plural your yours
Third person masculine singular his his
Third person feminine singular her hers
Third person neuter singular its -
Third person generic one one's -
Third person plural and common singular their theirs

Note the rule add +s to change a dependent form into an independent form works for her-hers, their-theirs, our-ours, doesn't work for his only because his ends in -s already, and doesn't work for its and one's only because independent forms don't really exist for these.