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A podcast is an audio file, usually MP3, which may be obtained from the internet. Teflpedia’s article on podcasts talks about ways in which teachers may use them in class. This article is more interested in podcasts for students students who wish to improve their listening skills, though it may refer to some of the same sites as the other article.

Downloading[edit | edit source]

Sometimes existing programmes may try to play a podcast you are trying to download. If this is a problem, right-click your mouse, left-click on "save link as" and then select a download destination. The file should go where you want it.

Sites aimed at native speakers[edit | edit source]

There are a vast number of sites which produce content for native speakers - really radio programmes on the web. For those who consider that listening to authentic language is the best way to practice the language they are learning, then using materials designed for native speakers is the best thing to do.

Although such material will inevitably be more difficult to understand than material produced expressly for students it will represent the language level which students are more likely to encounter if they deal with native speakers in real life. Unless students have a very low level or are expressly looking for material which is formatted as a "lesson" they are encouraged to persevere with native speaker materials.

News, current affairs and entertainment Podcasts[edit | edit source]

Finance podcasts[edit | edit source]

Sites for students[edit | edit source]

For various reasons some students will prefer to listen to graded material which is explicitly produced for students with a more limited range of grammar vocabulary and speed. There are a large number of resources on the web of which the following are are only a small selection. Our links at the bottom of these page will take you to other resources with more potential links.

The BBC[edit | edit source]

The BBC has a number of podcasts for English students including:

Also see our main article"BBC" for more information.

Others[edit | edit source]

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Our list of links on this page is by no means exhaustive. The following sites have links to a larger number of podcasts for English students.